Tis the Season

Hellooo👋, Happy Holidays to everyone. Of course, today was Thanksgiving; a celebration & time when family and friends all come together. This is a day of recognition & giving thanks over a large feast. Now I’m not 100% sure about all of the things that transpired leading up to this well known holiday, and I’m […]


Hello 👋 Influence of Change subscribers & viewers. First, I want to apologize for missing last week’s blog sessions. I was involved in a small car 🚗 crash. Nothing fatal though, thank God I’m alive to share with you all my experience. But, before I do that; I just want to say that I’m thankful […]

“Prince & Night in Shiny Armor”

“…Ain’t nobody gonna want you & if they do, its only cuz you gotta fat ass…” Can you imagine hearing those belittling words time & time again? Yeah, that’s a form abuse; it’s called mental & emotional abuse. Him: “What is it that you want in a relationship?” Me: ” I really don’t know what […]

Be Aware…

Domestic: Family or Household Members: Spouse or former spouse Dating or former dating relationship Adults related by blood or marriage Biological or legal parent-child relationship                                                               Abuse: Acts of Violence & Series/Behavior Acts of violence & series of behaviors to include: intimidation, threats, psychological abuse and isolation. Abuse is any act used to gain power […]

Once Upon a Time….

Fall of 1996 (Mid-October) In a small country town called Norlina, some where in North Carolina, a place that many have never even heard of, lived a young teen-aged girl, named Icey. At the age of sixteen she made a decision that would impact the rest of her life. At the time of her decision, Icey […]

What’s Love…

Disclaimer: These are not my lyrics, but I have chosen to use them in relation to my life experiences. Lyrics are from “What’s Love Got to Do with it”-Song by Tina Turner & “I Want to Know What Love is”-Foreigner   “You must understand though the touch of your hand makes my pulse react…it may […]


ONLY to promise to never do it again  MAYBE if I stop upsetting him, things will change & get better EXCUSES, excuses, excuses SORRY only lasts for a moment ‘TIL he loses control again I DON’T DESERVE THIS CRYING myself to sleep VIOLENTLY, he pulls my hair & slams me to the floor I try […]